Chemicals’ clearance from customs

Import and customs clearance of chemicals is one of the most imported products and goods to our country. These materials have a wide variety and used in many manufacturing factories. Importing, transporting and clearing chemicals is a specialized job that requires a lot of experiences and knowledge in this field as these products have a wide variety and the slightest mistake in detecting HS code of the product can cost the importer a lot in the future.

Chemicals’ broker

HPL Express Company with experience and activity of clearing all kinds of goods including chemical clearance of food industry, pharmacy, oil and gas industry and petrochemicals from the country’s customs, is one of the most active private companies in this field.
HPL Express company can be a good option for clearing your chemicals with the help of professional and knowledgeable experts.
Clearance of chemicals from China
Different chemicals clearance includes:
Clreanace of sodium bicarbonate powder
Clreanace of polister resins
Clearance of polyamide and epoxy
Chemical clearance of building materials’ manufacturing
Chemical clearance of mineral production companies
Chemical clearance of livestock and poultry industry companies
Clearance of cosmetics, sanitary and industrial raw materials
Chemical clearance of gas and oil complexes
Clearance of inorganic chemicals
Clearance of organic chemicals
Clearance of medical products
Cobalt clearance
Stone clearance
Taikon clearance
Radux clearance
Polyethalene clearance
peroxide clearance
sasol clearance
Tin dough clearance
Clearance of baking soda
monopropyl clearance
Silver clearance
Clearance of adhesive silver
Formic Acid clearance
Ammonium clearance
Stearic acid clearance
Solid jump profit clearance
Liquid foam gain clearance
sodium sulfate clearance
Clearance of aquafite chlorine
Oxygenate water clearance
Lead and zinc clearance
Tripolyphosphate clearance
Polyester resins clearance
Fertilizers clearance from customs
Clearance of textile materials
Clearance of tanning or dyeing extracts
Clearance of essential oils and quasi-resins
Clearance of soaps and organic tansivectives
Albominoid clearance
Grades of chemicals clearance
Clearance of chemicals
Clearance of detergents and sanity chemicals
Clearance of tri-diamine catalyst
Clearance of explosive adhesive
Clearance of sodium bicarbonate powders
Clearance of chemicals in oil, gas and petrochemical industries
Clearance of textile industry clearance
Agricultural chemicals clearance
Clearance of food and beverage
Dyeing industry of chemicals clearance
Clearance of chemicals in the cement and construction industries
Laboratory grade chemicals clearance
And so on
Importing some of the chemicals are prohibited and there are restrictions on their import. If you intend to import any type of chemical, you should first consult with the relevant agencies and entities to ensure that it is possible to import and clear them.

Petrochemical clearance

Petrochemical clearance and all raw materials for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries due to the high volume of work in the oil and gas industry is another service of the trading company. Due to the prohibition on import of many raw materials and goods, definitely contact our experts in the company and consult with them on the latest terms of import and clearance of petrochemical products.

Iran’s chemicals classification and labeling regulations

The specifications of importers, exporters and producers of chemicals must be submitted to the ministry of health and medical education for examination before exporting a national label before importing, exporting and applying any chemicals.
Tip: Importers and clearance of any chemicals without a specific chemical label of country are prohibited.

Departments you will need to get permission to import and clear chemicals

Incendiary chemicals (Ministry of Interior)
Chemicals for educational use (Ministry of Higher Education)
Chemicals used in the manufacture of medicines (Ministry of Health)
Pesticide chemicals, soil enhancer, fertilizers, etc (Ministry of Agriculture)
Chemicals used for municipal water and wastewater (Ministry of Energy)
Chemicals used in oil and drilling factories (Ministry of Industry and Commerce)

It is interesting to know that in 2016, the largest volume of chemicals was imported from Acros, Sigma, Alpha, Merck, Fluca, Santa Cruz, BD, Charbel, Paneric, Saplco and TCI and from China, Germany and England. The volume of import and customs clearance of chemicals according to Iran Customs Statistics in 2016 was more than 1580000 tons.

What are the chemicals considered as industrial chemicals by Iran’s Customs?

According to the customs classification, all items, commodities and raw materials from tariff code 2801 to 382600 contained in section 6 of the Export and Import Regulations Book are referred to as chemical products or related industries.

Importing chemicals from China

During 12 months leading up to March 2016, importing chemicals to Iran have been carried out from 94 different countries, with the highest amount of chemicals being imported from China. So that 31 %of weight share and 18% of value share of chemicals’ import is assigned. After China, the largest chemicals import is from India accounted for 20% of weight share and 9% of value share.
Also import and clearance of chemicals from UAE with 10% weight share and 11% value share and chemical products import from Germany with 10% value share and 3% weight share, Turkey imports with 8% weight share and 6% value share, imports from Switzerland with 7% value share and from France with 6% value share are the most important imports.

Clearance of petrochemical raw materials from customs

For import and clearance of petrochemicals, these products enter various customs across the country, then sent to the owner’s warehouse after customs clearance.
In 2016, products and chemicals have been declared and cleared from 62 customs of country. The highest amount of chemical imports and customs clearance was in Bandar Abbas (Shahid Rajaii Custom) with 57% weight share and 36% value share. After shahid Rajaii custom, custom clearance of Imam Khomeini Airport with 20% weight share and 35% value share is in the second place and Tehran Custom (Shahriar Custom) with 7% weight share and 15% value share is in third place.
Contact our colleagues in the clearance section for any question.

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