Export of bulk commercial goods

Exporting goods

Nowadays and due to the sharp decline in the value of the national currency and the difference between the reduction of national currency and other countries, there are favorable conditions for exporting products and goods to other countries where businessmen can take advantages of this good opportunity.Exports are devided into two categories: definitive exportations and temporary exportations. Definitive exportatuions mean that any kind of goods is exported to foreign countries for sale and temporary exportations mean sending goods to foreign countries and return them to the country, for example for taking part in exhibitions or for repairment.

Required documents for export:

Having a valid business card in the name of the exporter

License for exporting goods from the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Commerce(I.M.C.) while no general agreement has been announced by the ministry of I.M.C for this product.

Certificate of health and quarantine of goods

Standard certificate (if required to have mandatory export standard)

Atomic Energy Certificate (if required)

Preparing a packing list or balance sheet (if the goods are different)

Export licenses:

Exporting goods are subject to three categories according to the license:

1.Cargoes that do not require authorization(with due regard) such as human health, animal,vegetable and standard certification

2. Contingent goods that can be exported with a license (after the approval of the Ministries and related agencies and its notification to the customs by the Ministry of I.M.C for export)

3. Prohibited goods

Goods which are prohibited for religious or legal reasons. According to the government’s decision, this can be changed in certain times.

Export health certificate:

According to article 18 customs regulations, all vegetable products for export must be examined by quarantine experts and a health certificate for export should be issued if the health of the product or product is confirmed.

Standard export certificate:

Goods that require mandatory standards for export must get this certificate from Iranian Institute of Standards and Industrieal Research and submit it to the customs office for export.

Atomic energy export certificate:

Exporting goods, including foodstuffs or scrap metals, etc is required to get and submit a certificate from a country’s Atomic Energy Agency for export

Packing list(Balance sheet):

When exported goods contain more than one box or package and the contents are varied, they will need to have a complete list of the contents of each box or package.

Other documents required for export:

there are also some documents that are not required to be presented to the customs of Iran, but according to the undefiened conditions of destination customs and depending on the type of contents, these documents may be requested from the transporting company.

 Certificate of origin:

The chambers of commerce of indutrial and mines is where the customers comes in with a photocopy of the customs declaration and consignment note to get a certificate of origin.

TIR carnet:

This prospectus is issued for passaging of goods by trucks through the member states, without careful inspection and without the provision and payment of customs duties.


Invoice is the list of all the details of the purchases of goods, such as the name of the commodity, the name of the seller and the buyer, the number or weight of commodity, the unit price of the commodity, the total price and so on)

Waybill of goods’ transportation:

Waybill is the main document of transferring ownership of the goods from seller to buyer, which includes all types of load, air, sea, and national.

Certificate of inspection:

This document is issued by one of the international inspection companies and confirms that the registrated goods are the same as the goods transported.

Goods’ exporting steps:

1. Marketing a good or product

2. Getting license for exporting goods

3. Determining export prices by the rating commision

4. Issuance of perforum

5. Preparation and packaging of goods

6. Receive certificate of goods’ inspection

7. Issuance of invoice and certificate of origin

8. Contract for transpoting and insurance of goods

9. Declaring the goods to customs

10. Shipment of goods

11. Receipt of deposit or certificate of export

Export goods:

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Services of goods’ export:

HPL Express company offers all its export services from origin to its customers if the export conditions of the product are available.

Tehran exports company:

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Exporting goods’ cost:

The cost of exporting a commodity varies depending on the type of commodity and its required licenses. Contact our experts in the company for detailed information on export costs.

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